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We are 3.700mainly musicians and composers, but also authors, photographers, painters, artists, film people, dot-commers, and other creative people, that since 2003 have been joining together to form an equally shared co-operative society.See list.
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We are creatinga global, free, independent digital distribution network for all digital formats (music, video, games, mobilecontent, e-learning, texts, software etc.)
We offer non profit digital distribution. The keyword is Fair trade. DiGiDi is 100% owned by the people that use the distribution network in equal shares. Nobody except yourself will make a profit from your works. You pay for the service at cost price, therefore, the more people who use DiGiDi, the cheaper it gets. Please Join
Music Lover DiGiDi sells nothing but the music from the members of the co-operative society. Since 2003 DiGiDi has released more than 30.000 tracks online. All of the music can be purchased in most major online stores such as iTunes, and can be downloaded from online libraries as well. When you purchase music from one of the artists at DiGiDi, you can be sure that the artist gets the highest possible share from the money you pay. Usually more than 85% of what you pay. Purchasing music released through DiGiDi is therefor a good way to support your favourite artists.
Creative?DiGiDi can help you distribute your music. DiGiDi has been created by the creatives for the creatives. The owners of DiGiDi, the members of the co-operative society, have to be able to sell their works directly to the consumers, without having to go through unnecessary and price-raising intermediaries.
To utilise the Internet for distribution and marketing gives outstanding possibilities for the creative industries. But it takes a lot of software in order to carry this out, which would be too expensive to develop and maintain for an individual. The members of DiGiDi have therefor joined together in order to develop software which can manage global distribution and marketing of digital products. Everything is run Non Profit and by 'pay as you go' principles. Become a member and gain access to all of DiGiDi's services.
Record companies, societies and other organizationsare more than welcome as members. DiGiDi has a register of more than 100.000 tracks and we offer global digital distribution.
Content is King.That digital distribution and economic transactions online become as inexpensive and efficient as possible, is in the interest of the creative industries. This is the logic behind creating a shared independent solution, to which all parties can get equal access. The competition should lie in the quality of the content. This is where the creatives industries should direct their attention. Without content there is no internet, no radio and no television. Thus, it is us in the creative industries who should get the bigger profit. Not the intermediaries.
The press – a part of the creative industries DiGiDi is the creative people's digital equivalent to the co-operative movement of the peasants. It is the creative people who create product value. Production, distribution and marketing are just means to utilise the original idea. It is the idea, the content, which creates the value of the product. Marketing sells the product. Not CD's or downloads, but music. Not newspapers, but words and pictures. The internet has made revolutionary possibilities available for the creative people to deal directly with the consumers, and this eliminates costs for production and transport.
A Cooperative GazelleSince 2003 DiGiDi has distributed more than 100.000 tracks. Today DiGiDi has a total revenue of more than DKK 13million (2013) and an average growth of more than 50% during the latest five financial years.
You are looking somewherewhich guarantees to be different than any other places you have looked online. This is a website for a co-operative society. A society owned not by a single person or by a group of selected people, but by each and everyone who wants to become a member. A co-operative society is a form of organism. Every member is like a cell in a body, and all of the cells come together to form the body. Each cell is engaged in its own interest and its first priority is what is important for itself. But they still benefit from being a part of an organism. If not, they would have left it. All members of DiGiDi are equal and consequently everyone has one and only one share in DiGiDi, and only one vote. This results in DiGiDi being unique compared to other societies. The entirety exists only to please each component. If every member sold their share there would be nothing left. Just like there would be no body without cells. Read more about DiGiDi
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Music distribution Get YOUR music online in more than 250 shops in  111 countries, among others iTunes , WIMP, Rara and Spotify.
Sell your music online
Prices and paymentsPayout 92% of sales
'On time' payment for uploading music.
No yearly pr. track or album fee
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Who can join DiGiDi? DiGiDi is a Cooperative company, owned 100% by the users.
A truly democratic company
Everybody can join
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Distribution networkThe network of online shops and streaming services is expanding fast. DiGiDi focus is on the most important.
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More about DiGiDi DiGiDi is different than all the others.
No investors, no private owners and no bank loan. 
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