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DiGiDi is a co-operative company (a.m.b.a). Read regulations
This means that everyone who uses DiGiDi is a co-owner and shareholder of DiGiDi.

All shareholders have one share and one vote.

DiGiDi is thus sincerely democratic, Non profit and equal terms apply to all members.

All of the earnings are divided according to sales, so there is no redistribution amongst the shareholders.
YOU receive all that YOU earn and YOU only pay for what YOU get.

To become a co-owner you have to purchase a share worth the value of 'One Day's Pay'.

To simplify there are 3 prices, dependent on where you LIVE:

Western Europe, US, New Zeeland:
€135, £100, $150 

Rest of Europe, Americas, Asia:
€50, £35, $55

Africa, RoW:
€8, £6, $10

This is a deposit which is deposited in your personal members account. The payment is used to develop all of DiGiDi's online services.

You are ONLY legally liable for your deposit.
Whenever you want to, you can sell your share and get your deposit back.

When you spend money distributing your work through DiGiDi the expenses will be deducted from you members account.
When you sell something (e.g. downloads or streams of your music) the money will go to your members account.

You can always take out the excess money from your account.

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