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Get your music on all online platforms globally with DiGiDi's Not Profit services.
DiGiDi is a co-operation
All of the more than 4.000 labels and artists who distribute their music through DiGiDi are co-owners and have one share and one vote each.
DiGiDi exhibits true sharing-economy in which everyone is welcome to take part. 

When you join DiGiDi you will get your own directly acces to the Music Platform delivered to DiGiDi by 'The Orchard' This is state of the art within distribution platforms.

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Classic or PRO?

Classic is for those who have one or a few releases, who want to distribute their music online, who want to be able to keep up with their day-to-day sales, and who want access to personal support from actual human beings.

PRO users upload music for free and have full access to the Music Platform. Everything is included. PRO is for the serious artist and labels, who wishes to control every detail of their endeavours and take advantage of the many promotion opportunities that DiGiDi has to offer. PRO is ideal for the labels that service large catalogues and have multiple annual releases.


Operational costs
The operational costs are paid for by all active co-owners and cover expenses in accounting, support, general administration etc. The amount will be subtracted from your DiGiDi account on a quarterly basis, so you don't have to deposit money each month.
Note: The amount will not be withdrawn if you don’t have an actual income in said quarter.



Share of revenue
You will receive almost the total amount of what DiGiDi receives. That is the very idea behind DiGiDi and the co-op vision. DiGiDi has several partners like Spotify, iTunes and Th Orchard, who each get their share as well. Your share in the final turnover amounts to 92% if you are a Classic user and 94% if you are a PRO user.



 Payment for new releases (Classic only)
If you are a Classic user you will pay a ONE-TIME fee for each new release you register. The fee is the same no matter if you are releasing singles, EPs or albums.



Global distribution (Classic + PRO)
When you distribute your music through DiGiDi, your music will be available on all of the services you know (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc.) and even more (e.g. Simfy Africa)

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Free UPC/EAN (Classic + PRO)
In order to register your music, you need a UPC code for each release. You receive these for free through DiGiDi. Just tick the “provide me with a UPC” box once you have started registering your release.



Unlimited number of releases and artists
You can upload and register as many releases and artists as you wish on DiGiDi's Music Platform, and it will not have any effect on your predetermined payments. So, NO annual payments per release per year!



Controlling several labels (PRO only)
This option for PRO users gives you the opportunity to create and handle an unlimited multitude of labels. With the Report Tools you can calculate reports for each label, individually.



Make corrections or additions to any product, even after it has been released (PRO only)
PRO users have the opportunity to correct or update their releases. You can update audio files or cover art, and change or add PR-Information for a release without having to contact DiGiDi’s staff. You can choose and regulate which services on which territories and on what date you want your music to be released. The only things you can't change are the ISRC and UPC codes as well as the number of tracks on the release.
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As a PRO user you can make corrections and updates yourself

Takedown: Please note, that Takedown only can be performed by DiGiDi and at a fee of €5 per release.



Daily updated statistics (Classic + PRO)
You can follow your sales and streams day-by-day on DiGiDi's Music Platform. We receive statistics from Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google, Amazon and YouTube. You can even track your audience’s whereabouts down to their zip codes, and plan your next tour accordingly! 

Note: Statistics from the large scale services are updated with a two-day delay. 

You can search by label, artist, release or single tracks and see which Spotify playlists that feature your songs or which one of your videos has the most plays on YouTube – Including the ones that aren't on you own channel, but feature your music. (See Premium Channels)

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Statistics from the bigger services are updated with a 2 day delay
Advanced user analytics

Detailed information about your listners



Quarterly settlements (Classic + PRO)
Detailed settlements are prepared 4 times a year.
The settlements hold detailed information about all of your streams, views and downloads. The amount will be deposited to your DiGiDi account. You decide when you want the amount paid out to your bank account.



Report tools (PRO only)
If you need to settle payments with other parties, if you for instance control a label, you can easily create precise sales reports for artists, featuring artists, producers or sub labels. You can sort by label level to a single track, and you decide what any given report should contain. This makes for easy and safe settlements with others. 



Promotion site for each release (PRO only)

Pro users have access to an advanced design tool with which you can quickly create a site and collect all relevant links for both websites, social media and all of the digital services on which people have the opportunity to listen to your music or watch you videos.

See example


With a promotion site you get the perfect place to link and share.



Service Pitching (PRO only)
As a global distributor DiGiDi has the opportunity to pitch upcoming releases to Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL and more during weekly meetings. The releases which are suitable for pitching for playlists, campaigns and features are determined at these meetings. For your release to be considered for these meetings, we have to be able to argue why this exact release needs to be prioritised. Therefor PRO users have access to a “description tool” in which you can describe your sales points and marketing strategies.

Note: Remember to register you release early if you think it could be pitch worthy! Ideally one-two months before the release. Or even earlier!

Pitching to the global services could provide you with a huge opportunity in regards to reaching new listeners all over the world.



YouTube Premium Channel (PRO only)
DiGiDi is a YouTube Premium Partner. If you verify your channel through DiGiDi, YouTube will view your videos and music as premium (original) content. You receive a higher payment per view on your own channel, based on monetising via adds.
And you also receive payment if adds are used on your videos that don’t contain your original sound recordings. (A live show for instance).
You will still have 100% control of your own channel.

Note: On our Music Platform you can, for instance, see which videos featuring your music have the most views, even if they are NOT on your own YouTube channel.



Tidal and VEVO videos (PRO only)
You can upload music videos directly to Tidal through the Music Platform without additional payment. You also have the option to create your own VEVO channel and upload music videos to the massively popular and exclusive channel. 

iTunes artist profile images (PRO only)
As a PRO user you have the opportunity to upload an artist image to your iTunes profile as well as your artist gallery, where fans can check out a line of your best shoots, shots and gig photos. The artist profile image is also used by Apple Music, shared across the two platforms. 

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