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Background - The short Story

It began with a vision about how the internet should be utilised for distribution and marketing of digital works.

After having carried out a number of presentations for stakeholders from by and large every professional body in the Danish creative industry, concluding in a personal meeting with Minister of Culture, Brian Mikkelsen, in February 2003, we decided to form a co-operative society.
Our conclusion was, that since no-one wanted to do it for us, nor contribute to the plan, we had to do it ourselves.

DiGiDi was consequently founded under the name 'De Kreatives Uafhængige Andelsselskab a.m.b.a.' (The Independent Co-operative Society for the Creative).
This was done at the establishing general meeting May 1st, 2003. Later came the secondary name DiGiDi – Digital Distribution.

DiGiDi is a co-op where the shareholders each own an equal share.

The purpose of the co-operative society is exclusively:
"To secure that the members have access to the best digital distribution of their works. This has to happen through establishing and managing our own distribution system and/or through co-operative agreement with suppliers.”
(Objects clause in DiGiDi's regulations)

The co-operative society is owned in equal shares by co-owners, members.

One share, one vote.

All members are individuals and a member can only own one share.

This is a true democratic society and a non-profit co-op.

All profit is divided between members according to their sales, or saved for joint investment.

Therefore no passive investors, intermediaries or others can make a profit on the work done by the members.

This way we make sure that the co-owners of DiGiDi will get the most out of the distribution and marketing through DiGiDi.
By buying a share you deposit DKK 1000,- (or the equivalent to the average wage for one days work in the country where you are a resident) to DiGiDi. The money is used for joint investment.
You can always sell back you share, and your deposit will be returned to you.

Who are 'the creative people'?

All of the people who are creating can be described as creative.
Apart from artists, most people working in media, programming, research and developmental work, people in the advertising industry, software developers and the like are thought of as "The Creative".

Research shows that up to 1/3 of the population work in creative industries. The percentage is highest in the underground environment. Of this a small part are described as being 'Core-creative' (composers and writers).
The remaining part help to manifest the ideas (singers, musicians, producers, technicians, record labels, Public Relations etc).
The value of the product is altogether created by the creative people, no matter if you are talking about a new movie, a new software product or the new cure for diabetes.
The effort made by the creative people causes a music CD to be worth around DKK 150,- (at least it did in The Golden Era of the CD) while without content a CD costs nothing more that DKK 4,-. This effort alone creates a growth in value.

Thus, the more creative people get the possibility to put their abilities to use, the more value is created. This is why it is so important that a great amount of the revenue goes to the creative people and the innovative environments.

Who could become a member?

Every private individual can become a co-owner of DiGiDi, and thus gain access to all of our services.
The founding idea is that everyone has an equal access to distribution of their work.
Therefor there are no admission requirements, no censorship and no minimum contract period. Record labels, societies, publishers and other companies, who wish to make use of DiGiDi, can do this by letting one person represent the company.

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