These Articles of association were established at the first general meeting on May 1st 2003, and were adjusted at the annual meeting held on February 7th 2005 and on August 18th 2008.
(The following is not a legal translation of the statutes.)

§ 1. Name
The coop society's name is “De Kreatives Uafhængige Andelsselskab”, (The Independent Co-operative Society for the Creative) hereafter referred to as the “DKUA”. The head office is in Copenhagen. (”DiGiDi” is registered as a secondary name.)

§ 2. Society's purpose
To ensure that members receive optimal access to distribution of their creative work. This will be achieved through the establishment and operation of a self managed distribution system and/or via working agreements with outside suppliers.

§3 Accounts and accounting
The DKUA society's financial statements are prepared once a year by a certified accountant chosen by the board of directors.

§ 4. Requirements for acceptance as a shareholder
Anybody may become a member of the coop if they wish to use the DKUA's logistical system to distribute productions that they fully own or partly own the legal rights to.

§ 5. Shareholders capital
Each member (co-owner) deposits a payment equal to the average wage for one day in the country where the person is a resident.
This payment is used as security for the financial commitments needed to run and maintain the coop.

§ 6. Liability
Any DKUA liability are to be covered by the coop's fortune.
Member's liability for DKUA's obligations are limited to the individual co-owners share of the total fortune of DKUA.
The shareholder has no personal responsibility or liability to DKUA's obligations, over and above this amount.
DKUA cannot be held responsible for any individual's unlawful use of the distribution system, but can expel any member, who has used the system unlawfully.

§7 Services
§7.1 Advance payment
For the purpose of construction and operation of the DKUA coop members may be charged service fees or an annual payment. Such payments will be determined by the General Assembly.

§7.2 Open accounting
The DKUA coop shall be managed with minimal costs and completely transparent accounting. By intensive use of the internet, members will maintain a close relationship with, and influence on, the day-to-day running of the society.

§7.3 Distribution of profits
Profits are distributed periodically to members according to the turnover they individually have generated. Members who have not earned income, will therefore not benefit from the distribution of any profits available.

§ 8 Annual general meeting
The annual member's meeting is the decision making authority of the DKUA coop.

§ 8.1 Voting
Decisions are made by a simple majority vote among the shareholders present, unless a special rule applies to the matter concerned. Shareholders that do not have the opportunity to convene, can either register their votes to the head office at least 3 days before the annual meeting, or award the power of attorney to a third party for voting purposes.

§ 8.2 Special rules
The following decisions can be carried by a two thirds majority of the members, – expulsion, - amendments of the bylaws, - termination of the society.

§ 9 Committee
The society is managed by a board of directors of 3 – 7 members. The board is elected once a year at the annual meeting.

§ 10. Management rule
DKUA is managed by the board of directors.

§ 11 Rules
The DKUA bylaws have precedence over the coop's business agreements.

§ 12. Termination
DKUA ceases to continue, if a vote to this degree is carried by a two thirds voting majority at 2 consecutive general meetings.

§ 13 Termination proceeds
Providing a termination covers the DKUA's obligations, the remaining capital and liquidation assets will be distributed among the current members.
Individual member's credit accounts must be honoured first.
If there is not enough funds to cover all individual shareholder's credit accounts, members will be paid proportionally according to the turnover during the last financial year.
Should a surplus of funds be available after the honouring of all credit accounts, the funds will be distributed among the members according to the individual's turnover in the coop during the last 5 financial years.

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