DiGiDi offers a wide range of promotion tools og services for the PRO users

YouTube Partner Channels


DiGiDi can offer artists and labels who work ambitiously with their YouTube presence to enter in a partnership with DiGiDi and The Orchard, converting their regular user-generated-content or UGC channel, to a partnered channel. This works by connecting the channel to The Orchard's channel network through DiGiDi. Notice that you need at least 1.000 subscribers and 4.000 watch hours to become eligible for a partner channel. 

YouTube Campaigns and Management

With the growing need for a solid presence on YouTube it has become increasingly important to make sure you do what you can to optimise your content and monetisation, as well as your engagement on the platform. 

With access to features like campaign-building and digital rights management tools, DiGiDi can help you ensure that all your assets are up to date, that your video is featured and promoted in the best possible manner and that your rights are protected so you can collect royalties for your music when it's used on YouTube. Not just on your channel, but everywhere. 

DiGiDi offers a thorough review and optimisation of all your YouTube assets. That way you can make sure that the often complex underlinings of your YouTube presence is kept neat and optimised, ready to be monetised and shared from the best possible foundation. 

CO-OP Note! The opportunity to create succesful campaigns, for instance, requires a lot of channels - The more of DiGiDi's channel owners who link their channel to DiGiDi's YouTube managemnt system by getting premium channels, the better everyone's chances are of promoting their channels successfully! Look up YouTube premium channel on this page for more info on that part! 


If you already have a Premium Channel - Read more about how DiGiDi can help you optimise your YouTube content here. 



iTunes Artist Profile Image and Gallery

All members with music on iTunes can upload an iTunes Artist Profile Image through DiGiDi.
You can also upload images to your Artist Gallery. 


Create/Change an Artist Profile Image: 125,- (16 €)

Upload Gallery Image: 50,- (6€)

Upload additional gallery Image: 15,- (2€) 

NOTE! If you have already got an iTunes Artist Profile Image or an Artist Gallery which was created by another aggregator than DiGiDi, we first have to transfer your Artist Profile from them, before we can proceed to uploading the content. 

We have to do this because another Image Agent is attached to your Artist Profile on iTunes from the first time you created an iTunes Artist Profile Picture or Artist Gallery.

The price for opening a case like this and taking over your Artist Profile on iTunes is 300,- (39 €), as these cases often require quite a bit of administrative work.


Get your music video(s) on VEVO

Now all DIGiDi members can upload their music videos to this massive channel for music related content. 

VEVO is a huge international video hosting service with a notorious white VEVO logo you’ve no doubt seen on music videos on YouTube.
(Visit VEVO on YouTube or

Because VEVO controls the standards and the type of content that goes on the channel, they attract high-end advertisers looking for safe advertising on quality content which in turn means increased royalty rates for the artists. 

VEVO guarantees high quality, and our deal demands that DiGiDi delivers just that. So prepare high quality content. 

Create a new VEVO Channel (Including graphics upload): 300,- (39 €)

Upload a new VEVO video: 100,- (13€) 

Upload new graphics: 50,- (6€)

For prices on bulk uploads, please contact


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