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YouTube Partner Channels, OACs and OAC/VEVO Merging


DiGiDi can offer artists and labels who work ambitiously with their YouTube presence to enter in a partnership with DiGiDi and The Orchard, converting their regular user-generated-content or UGC channel, to a partnered channel. This works by connecting the channel to The Orchard's channel network through DiGiDi. Notice that you need at least 1.000 subscribers and 4.000 watch hours to become eligible for a partner channel.
Channels above the threshold can further more be converted into OACs (Offical artist channel), and VEVO channels can now be merged with OACs for a streamlined experience of the artist's work. 



Pitching for playlists

DiGiDi offers all pro members a place in the weekly pitch for a spot on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. playlists. 

In order to qualify your track for the playlist pitch, please provide DiGiDi with the track and a filled out template (which you can find here) at a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the release. It's also important that you learn how to write a good blurb to accompany the pitch. You can find a blurb guide here and some great blurb examples here

Write with any questions, anytime.  


Get your music video(s) on VEVO

Now all DIGiDi members can upload their music videos to this massive channel for music related content. 

VEVO is a huge international video hosting service with a notorious white VEVO logo you’ve no doubt seen on music videos on YouTube.
(Visit VEVO on YouTube or

Because VEVO controls the standards and the type of content that goes on the channel, they attract high-end advertisers looking for safe advertising on quality content which in turn means increased royalty rates for the artists. 

VEVO guarantees high quality, and our deal demands that DiGiDi delivers just that. So prepare high quality content. 

Create a new VEVO Channel: 300,- (39 €)


For questions regarding VEVO, please contact


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